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EVEN IF YOU are not a news junkie, you will have noticed that your daily news has undergone a transformation. Television newscasts now include amateur videos, taken from video-sharing websites such as You- Tube, covering events like the Arab spring or the Japanese tsunami. Such videos, with their shaky cameras and people’s unguarded reactions, have much greater immediacy than professional footage. Messages posted on Twitter, the microblogging service, have been woven into coverage of these events and many others.

You have these really intimate man-inthe- street accounts, and you can craft a narrative around them, says Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter. A computer consultant in Pakistan unwittingly described the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in a series of
tweets. The terrorist attacks in Mumbai in 2008, too, were reported on Twitter in real time by people who were there. The past year has also seen the rise to fame of WikiLeaks, an organisation that publishes leaked documents supplied to it anonymously. WikiLeaks and its media partners have published detailed records of the Afghan and Iraq wars, hundreds of classied American diplomatic cables and records from the Guantánamo Bay detention centre. We believe that true information does good, says Julian Assange, WikiLeaks’ founder. Our goal is not just to have people reading documents, but to achieve political reforms through the release of information.

In January this year Al Jazeera, a news organisation based in Qatar, published its own cache of leaked documents, known as the Palestine Papers, which lifted the lid on more than a decade of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. And by broadcasting amateur videos of the Tunisian uprising to its millions of satellite viewers across the Arab world, the channel played an active role in spreading the protests across the region. Among television news organisations it has led the way in integrating social media (such as tweets, Facebook posts and amateur online video) into its operations in order to engage with its increasingly wired audience. The way we operate has changed because the landscape has changed dramatically, says Moeed Ahmad, the rm’s head of new media.



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