BrandZ Top100 Report, 2011
Tác giả: Eileen Campbell
Nhà xuất bản: WPP
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The BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands is the most comprehensive annual ranking of brand value. Developed by Millward Brown Optimor, the ranking analyzes the world’s leading brands and the economic and competitive dynamics that influence value fluctuations.

BrandZ focuses on market-facing brands that generate revenue and profits through the sale of goods and services directly to consumers or business customers, establishing the value of the Coca-Cola brand, for example, rather than the Coca-Cola Company.

It’s the only ranking grounded in both quantitative consumer research and in-depth financial analysis. Created 13 years ago, and perpetually updated, the WPP BrandZ database contains information from more than 2 million in-depth consumer interviews in 30 countries. This proprietary data is analyzed with publicly available financial information from Bloomberg, Kantar Worldpanel and other sources.

These valuations are critical to the CEOs, financial and marketing executives, security analysts, institutional investors and others who depend on well-researched, reliable information for the assessments and comparisons that lead to well-considered decisions. All valuations in this report appear in US dollars and are subject to fluctuations for those brands that are denominated in other currencies.


Preface -  7

Top 100 Overview  - 9

Top 100 Chart -  12

Top 20 Risers - 15

Newcomers  - 17

Year-on-Year Change 19

Brand Contribution 21

Regions 23

TrustR and Value-D 27


Apparel 31

Beer 35

Cars 39

Fast Food 43

The Digital Revolution 47

Financial Institutions 51

Insurance 55

Luxury 59

Oil & Gas 63

A Generational Shift 67

Personal Care 69

Retail 73

Soft Drinks 77

Technology 81

Telecom Providers 85


Brand Brazil 89

Brand Russia 91

Brand China 93

Brand India 97
BrandZ Details 99
21 Key Take Outs 101
Methodology 103
With Thanks 104


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